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10-14-20 Merging w/the Night


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John Coltrane   /  Stellar Regions (Venus)
Loma   /  Elliptical Days
The Notwist, Ben LaMar Gay   /  Oh Sweet Fire
UNKLE, Girls of the Internet,Ysee, ESKA, Elliott Power, Keaton Henson, Liela Moss, Miink   /  Farewell - Girls of the Internet Remix
Air   /  Modular Mix
DJ Shadow   /  What Does Your Soul Look Like - Part 2
Charles Webster, Ingrid Chavez, Burial   /  The Spell - Burial Mix
Cocteau Twins   /  Amelia
Eartheater   /  Volcano
Bob Marley Jr, King Tubby   /  Dread - (Dub Version)
Addis Pablo   /  Rockers Version
Funki Porcini   /  Motorway Mindmash
Baka Forest People of Southeast Cameroon   /  Liquindi
DJ Krush   /  Song 2
Kruder & Dorfmeister   /  Johnson
Brian Eno   /  2/1 - Remastered 2004
Sven Wunder   /  Black Iris
Zimbabwe Legit   /  Shadow's Legitimate Mix
Funki Porcini   /  Long Road


9-30-20 Merging w/the Night


Pictured: Franny Lane

Franny Lane / Emaj7
Young Marble Giants / N.I.T.A.
Loma / Don't Shy Away
Air, Beth Hirsch / All I Need
UNKLE / Unreal
Yo La Tengo / Bleeding
Monster Rally / Sunny Sloth
Deftones / Ceremony
Rage Against the Machine / Darkness
The Sugarcubes / Birthday (early demo w/Icelandic vocals), Dragon, Traitor
Skylab / Seashell
Oliver Coates / Honey
This Mortal Coil / Waves Become Wings
Olafur Arnalds / Woven Song
Penelope Trappes / Eel Drip
Julianna Barwick / Inspirit - Extended Version

9-16-20 Merging w/the Night


Soulwax   /  Goodnight Transmission
Art Feynman   /  Slow Down
Nico   /  Frozen Warnings
Nico   /  Secret Side
Kelly Lee Owens   /  Arpeggi
Vashti Bunyan   /  Diamond Day
Blossom Dearie   /  Somebody New
Antonio Carlos Jobim   /  Aguas de Marco
Spoon   /  Rainy Taxi
Joni Mitchell   /  House of the Rising Sun
Blue Hawaii    /  Not My Boss!
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Fools   /  The Spine is Quiet in the Center - Fools Remix
trayer tryon, Alex Somers, Jonsi, Moses Sumney   /  cul de sac
Clams Casino   /  Freeze
Nosaj Thing   /  For the Light
Tricky, Marta   /  Like a Stone
Kelly Lee Owens   /  Flow
Echo Collective   /  The Witching Hour
Shlohmo   /  Heaven Inc
Max Cooper   /  Reflect
Grouper   /  She Loves Me That Way
Eno Moebius Roedelius   /  Tzima N'arki
Daedelus   /  Special Re: Quest
Autechre   /  Slip
Disclosure, Mick Jenkins, Wookie   /  Who Knew? (Wookie Remix)
Nico   /  The End


9-2-20 Merging w/the Night


Pictured: the new EP by the Notwist.

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The Notwist, Saya   /  Ship, Loose Ends, Avalanche
Maximum Joy   /  Why Can't We Live Together? (w/Janine Rainforth Vocal)
Denise Sherwood, Adrian Sherwood, On-U Sound   /  Let Me In
Daedelus, Abstract Rude, Busdriver   /  Girls
Ahmad Lewis   /  Back in the Day - Remix
Erykah Badu   /  Back in the Day
Tricky, Marta   /  Thinking Of
Olafur Arnalds, JFDR   /  Back to the Sky
Kelly Lee Owens, John Cale   /   Corner of My Sky ft John Cale
CAN   /  She Brings the Rain
Psychic TV   /  The Orchids
King Crimson   /  The Sheltering Sky
Siouxsie and the Banshees   /  Monitor
Oliver Coates   /  Butoh Baby
Stubborn, Mica Levi   /  Mid
Mount Kimbie, Micachu   /  Marilyn
Fairport Convention   /  Autopsy
Laurel Halo   /  Mercury
Harmonia and Eno '76   /  Atmosphere
Brian Eno   /  By this River
Roger Eno, Brian Eno   /  Spring Frost, Rose Quartz
Laraaji   /  Elevation

8-12-20 Merging w/the Night

Pictured: Maximum Joy 

Anna Domino   /  Land of My Dreams
Siouxsie and the Banshees   /  Into the Light
Thom Yorke, Jess Gillam, Jess Gillam Ensemble   /  Suspirium (Arr. Rimmer)
Khruangbin   /  With All The World
Maximum Joy   /  Silent Street / Silent Dub
Koffee   /  Lockdown
Gigi Masin   /  Bellamore
Eno Moebius Roedelius   /  The Belldog
Torb the Roach, Floppy McSpace   /  Sloy Gange
Popol Vuh   /  Ah!
Channel Light Vessel   /  Little Luminaries
Greg Haines   /  The Whole
Don Cherry   /  Brown Rice
Mogwai   /  Tracy - Kid Loco's Playing With the Young Team Remix
Blue States   /  D-Day
Vincenzo Ramaglia, Laure Le Prunenec   /  La Parole 7
Harmonia & Eno   /  Welcome
Robert Fripp, Brian Eno   /  Evening Star
Blockhead   /  Fuck It We'll Do It Live
4m33s   /  Elegy
Bob Marley   /  I Know
Joy Division, Martin Hannet   /  Atmosphere Build Up and Atmosphere
Manekinekod   /  Unable to Display, Speedlight
Brian Eno   /  Deep Blue


7-29-20 Merging w/the Night

Listen to this radio set up for to two weeks.

Nina Simone (pictured)   /  22nd Century
Nightmares on Wax   /  Me!
Nightmares on Wax   /  Soul Purpose
Fawns of Love   /  Silly Boy
The Know   /  Dreamlike State
Tamaryn   /  Mild Confusion
The Funkees   /  Acid Rock
9 Lazy 9   /  Electric Lazyland
Mirah   /  Make It Hot
Prince Far I   /  The Conquest
Julianna Barwick, Nosaj Thing   /  Nod
Julianna Barwick, Jonsi   /  In Light
Deuter   /  Pearls (glittering, continuous flow)
Sufjan Stevens, Lowell Brams   /  Eudaimonia, Ataraxia, Agathon
Nils Frahm   /  Says
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds   /  Push the Sky Away - Live from KCRW
Torb the Roach, Floppy McSpace   /  Ostensjovannet
Angels of Light   /  Song for Nico
Nico   /  Abschied
David Bowie   /  Sense of Doubt
Tonstartssbandht   /  Breathe
Boards of Canada   /  Rue the Whirl


7-15-20 Merging w/the Night

Pictured: Ennio Morricone

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Belle & Sebastian   /  A Summer Wasting
Waldeck, Patrizia Ferrara   /  Quicksand
Fawns of Love, Robin Guthrie   /  Someday - Robin Guthrie Version
Robin Guthrie   /  Red Moon Rising
Ennio Morricone   /  My Fault?
Elvis Depressedly   /  New Alhambra
Kid Loco   /  Horsetown in Vain
Bella Ruse   /  Like Spinning Plates
Radiohead   /  Like Spinning Plates
Echo Collective   /  Hunting Bears - Like Spinning Plates
Nils Frahm   /  Re
Hauschka   /  Hashima Island
The Irresistible Force   /  Playing Around With Sound
Fugees   /  The Mask
Mirah   /  Apples in the Trees
UNKLE   /  U.N.K.L.E. Main Title Theme
Lo-Fi Japan, Study Beat Lab   /  Samurai Lo-Fi Beats
Grace Jones   /  Private Life
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark   /  Almost
Richard Skelton   /  Noon Hill Wood
Jacco Gardner   /  Grey Lanes
Gonjasufi   /  Stardustin
Anika   /  No One's There (Dub)
Cluster, Eno   /  Schone Hande
Ennio Morricone   /  Harmonica
Mirah   /  Of Pressure


7-1-20 Merging w/the Night

Pictured: Linton Kwesi Johnson, the poet, who also hosted a BBC radio series on the history of Jamaican music

Listen to this radio set detailed below for up to two weeks.

The Zombies   /  Summertime
The Durutti Column   /  Sketch for Summer
Dirty Projectors   /  Self Design
Mono   /  Silicone, Life in Mono
Nils Frahm   /  Them
Linton Kwesi Johnson   /  Five Nights of Bleeding
GULL   /  Mouth to Match
Kelly Lee Owens   /  1 of 3
Hidden Orchestra   /  Antiphon
Max Richter   /  Elena and Lila (Titles Season 2)
Max Richter   /  All Human Beings
Siouxsie and the Banshees   /  Kiss Them For Me
Rival Consoles   /  Vibrations on a String
Carlos Nino, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson   /  Part III
Laraaji, Ras G   /  Laraaji Meets La Ras_G
Felicia Atkinson, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma   /  And The Flower Have Time For Me
Felicia Atkinson   /  Moderato Cantabile
Eartheater   /  Below the Clavicle
Mono   /  Life in Mono - Bushmaster remix
The Sabres of Paradise   /  Planet D (Portishead Remix)
David Wenngren, Library Tapes   /  Patterns
David Wenngren, Hoshiko Yamane, Library Tapes   /  Patterns - Revisited
Cluster, Eno   /  Ho Renomo


6-17-20 Merging w/the Night

Pictured: the Fugees

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Johnny Osbourne   /  Ready or Not
Fugees   /  Ready or Not
Brian Eno   /  Sombre Reptiles
The Chills   /  Pink Frost
The Durutti Column   /  Otis
Aphex Twin   /  Ageispolis
Augustus Pablo   /  Peace and Love Dub
Terry Callier   /  Once I Dreamed of Heaven
Gil Scott-Heron   /  Pieces of a Man
K.U.K.L.   /  Seagull, The Spire
Beth Orton, Lascelles Gordon, Ted Barnes, Henry Olsen, Will Blanchard, Sarah Wilson, Howard Gott, Sean Read   /  Skimming Stone
Andy Stott   /  Butterflies
Four Tet   /  Two Thousand and Seventeen
Harold Budd, Brian Eno   /  A Stream with Bright Fish
Nils Frahm, Luke Abbot   /  For - Luke Abbott Rework
Sublime   /  Badfish
Four Tet, Oneohtrix Point Never   /  Evening Side (Oneohtrix Point Never edit)
cEvin Key   /  Meteorite
Agostino Maria Ticino   /  All Remains the Same - Kalumet Remix
Laraaji   /  All of a Sudden


6-10-20 Merging w/the Night

Listen to this radio set for up to two weeks.

Brian Eno   /  Everything Merges with the Night
Terry Callier   /  Dancing Girl
Massive Attack   /  Live With Me (feat Terry Callier)
Bob Marley & The Wailers   /  Jailhouse
Sublime   /  Jailhouse
Tenor Saw   /  Roll Call
Backbeat Soundsystem   /  Disquietude
Ras G   /  Dirty Cutlass
Soko   /  Blasphemie
Clara Moto   /  In My Dream - Violin Version
Siouxsie and the Banshees   /  Ornaments of Gold
Colleen   /  The Moon like a Bell, Moonlit Sky
Prince Far I   /  Back Weh
Kraftwerk   /  Radioland
Mount Kimbie, Micachu   /  Marilyn - WXAXRXP Session
Julianna Barwick   /  Inspirit
Bruce Brubaker, Olga Bell   /  Codex - Olga Bell Remix
Kraftwerk   /  Ohm Sweet Ohm
Masayoshi Fujita   /  Tears of Unicorn
Fakear   /  Morning in Japan
Biosphere, Joan Lorring   /  Turned to Stone
Clara Moto, Vendredi   /  In My Dream - Vendredi Mix
Gaussian Curve   /  Impossible Island
Slag Boom Van Loon, Four Tet   /  Sutedja - Four Tet Remix


5-27-20 Merging w/the Night

Pictured: The Congos

Listen to this radio set for up to two weeks.

The Congos   /  Congoman Chant
The Congos   /  Open Up The Gate
Rae & Christian, The Congos   /  Hold Us Down
U-Roy, The Congos   /  Fisherman's Style
Slag Boom Van Loon, Boards of Canada   /  Poppy Seed - Boards of Canada Remix
Mia Doi Todd   /  Between the Bars
Goldfrapp   /  Jo
The Sugarcubes   /  Mama
Wes Swing   /  Sing to Me
Love Spirals Downward   /  By Your Side
Other Lives   /  Nites Out
Tricky, Martina Topley-Bird, Breanna Barbara   /  When We Die (Reworked by Breanna Barbara)
Siriusmo   /  ZEIT
Kid Loco, Mikrokosmos, Crayola Lectern   /  Venus Alice in Dub (Mikrokosmos & Crayola Lectern Remix)
Kelly Moran   /  Water Music
Cluster   /  Sowiesoso
Alice Coltrane   /  Om Rama, Keshava Murahara
Horace Andy, The Aggrovators   /  Lark a Dub
Sun Ra   /  Door of the Cosmos
Mikey Dread   /  Datc Tribute to King Tubby
U-Brown   /  Tu Sheng Peng
King Tubby, Prince Jammy   /  Higher Ranking


5-13-20 Merging w/the Night

Pictured: Katelyn Aurelia Smith

Listen to this radio set for up to two weeks.

Portico Quartet   /  Winding Snake
Tricky   /  Ghost Head
Love Spirals Downwards   /  Love's Labour's Lost
Nightmares on Wax   /  Les Nuits
The Creatures   /  Pluto Drive
Katelynn Aurelia Smith   /  The Steady Heart
Grace Jones   /  This is Dub
Neneh Cherry   /  Shot Gun Shack
Laurel Halo   /  Rome Theme III
New Order   /  Everything's Gone Green - 7" version
Stereolab   /  Pack Yr Romantic Mind
Massive Attack   /  (Exchange)
David Wenngren, Library Tapes   /  Nocturne
Subtle   /  Red, White & Blonde
Max Cooper, Kathrin deBoer   /  Seed
The Sugarcubes   /  Birthday - Tommy D Mix
Crystal Castles   /  Violent Dreams
Ramin Djawadi   /  Dissolved Girl
Jon Hopkins   /  1/2 Singing Bowl (Ascension) - Excerpt
Loscil   /  Red Tide
Kelly Lee Owens   /  Night
Tricky, Andy Stott   /  Valentine - Andy Stott Remix
Air   /  La femme d'argent

4-22-20 Merging w/the Night

Pictured: George Evelyn of Nightmares on Wax

Thievery Corporation   /  The Cosmic Game
Nightmares on Wax   /  Nights Introlude (Live in Chicago)
Portishead   /  Sour Times (live)
Thievery Corporation   /  A Gentle Dissolve
Enya   /  Watermark
Rush   /  Subdivisions
Beach House   /  Some Things Last a Long Time
Cocteau Twins   /  Aikea-Guineau
Yann Tiersen, Elizabeth Fraser   /  Kala
Elizabeth Fraser   /  Moses
New Order   /  Singularity
New Order   /  Someone Like You
New Order   /  Close Range
This Immortal Coil   /  Ostia
Jamie xx   /  Idontknow
Squarepusher   /  The Paris Song
The Mountain Goats   /  Hopeful Assassins of Zeno
EOB   /  Banksters
Laaraji, Mia Doi Todd   /  Ocean Flow Zither - remixed by Mia Doi Todd
Nightmares on Wax   /  What I'm Feelin (Good)
Greg Haines   /  The Whole
Kevin Morby, Peaking Lights   /  Harlem River After Hours Dub (Peaking Lights Remix)
Groove Armada   /  At the River


4-8-20 Merging w/the Night

Pictured: Meredith Monk

The first remote broadcast (doubly-remotely, in fact) since the era of COVID-19 stay-at-home began.

Listen to this radio set for up to two weeks.

Thievery Corporation   /  The Cosmic Game
Nick Drake   /  Pink Moon
John Prine   /  Please Don't Bury Me
Horace Andy   /  Ain't No Sunshine
Wax Tailor   /  Que Sera
U.S. Girls   /  The Most Hurtful Thing, Advice to Teenage Self
Alice Coltrane   /  Om Shanti
Meredith Monk, Brodsky Quartet, Bjork   /  Gotham Lullaby (featuring Bjork)
Sounds of Nature Relaxation   /  Gotham Lullaby
KAZU   /  Unsure in Waves (live version)
Mia Doi Todd   /  Take What You Can Carry - Scientist Dub One
Chilly Gonzales   /  Overnight
Smoke City   /  Underwater Love
Lemon Jelly   /  Space Walk
Kate Bush   /   Hello Earth
Arthur Russell   /  "Instrumentals" Volume 1 - Part 1
Laurel Halo   /  Out
Nine Inch Nails   /  A Really Bad Night
Ringo Deathstarr   /  God Help The One's You Love
Dungen   /  B2 - Live
The Archives, Puma Ptah, Subatomic Sound System   /  Sensibility Dub Subatomic Sound System
Mikey Dread   /  Operations Choice - Dub
Steve Hauschildt   /  Ecce Reverie
Air   /  Ce matin-la - From "L'uomo in piu"
Meredith Monk, Tom Bogdan   /  Night Song
Richard Harwood, Reinoud Ford,Tim Lowe, Ben Chappell, Katherine Jenkinson   /  4.3 Courante
Faust   /  Jennifer - 2006 Digital Remaster


3-25-20 Merging w/the Night

Pictured: Alice Coltrane

Alice Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders   /  Journey in Satchidananda
Other Lives   /  Hey Hey I
Nils Frahm, Anne Muller   /  Journey for a Traveller
Anika   /  In the City
Kelly Moran   /  Sodalis
Broadcast   /  Echo's Answer
Beth Orton, Victor Van Vught   /  She Cries Your Name
Junior Byles   /  Fade Away
Portico Quartet   /  Trajectory
Carla dal Forno   /  Push On
Andy Stott   /  Too Many Voices
Hype Williams   /  Hype Williams Meets Shangaan Electro
Sun Ra   /  Springtime Again
Clams Casino   /  Swervin'
John Coltrane, Sybarite5, Shane Shanahan   /  Alabama
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith   /  Expanding Electricity - single edit
Anika   /  Masters of War (Dub)
Nightmares on Wax   /  Aquaself
Steve Hauschildt   /  Time We Have
Jefferson Airplane   /  Today
Bauhaus   /  All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
Duster   /  Moon Age
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band   /  Shifting Sands


3-11-20 Merging w/the Night

Pictured: Young Marble Giants

Listen to this radio set for up to two weeks.

Fairport Convention   /  Autopsy
Waldeck   /  Make My Day
Clams Casino   /  Caves
Young Marble Giants   /  Choci Loni
Gil Scott-Heron, Makaya McCraven   /  This Can't Be Real, Me and the Devil
The Slits   /  Liebe And Romance - Slow Version
Poppy Ackroyd   /  Birdwoman
Nils Frahm   /  Forever Changeless
Maxece Cyrin   /  Ivo
Tricky   /  M, Lonely Dancer
Squarepusher   /  Midi San Frontieres (Avec batterie)
New Age Steppers   /  Death of the Trees
The Books   /  Chain of Missing Links
The Books   /  Meditation Outtakes
Odd Nosdam   /  Sisters (Boards of Canada remix)
Coil   /  Triple Sun
KMFDM   /  Virus - 12" Mix Edit
Telepopmusik   /  ???? "Lincertitude d'Heisenberg"
Funkadelic   /  Maggot Brain - Bmg Dub
Six Organs of Admittance   /  Pacific
Laraaji & Bill Laswell   /  Still
Nils Frahm, Anne Muller   /  Journey for a Traveller
Daedelus   /  Bonafide, Romantic Music
Rachel Grimes, Rachel's   /  Promenade

3-4-20 Merging w/the Night

Pictured: Ari Up from the Slits, New Age Steppers

Polica   /  Little Threads
Beth Orton, Victor Van Vught, Andrew Weatherall   /  Tangent
Kilo Kish   /  OVER NOW
New Age Steppers   /  My Whole World
The Slits   /  I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Everything But The Girl, Brad Wood   /  Single - Brad Wood Memphis Remix
Atelje   /  Everslick
Rozi Plain   /  Conditions
Isotope 217   /  Phonometrics
Fran & Flora, Portico Quartet   /  La Obreja - Portico Quartet Remix
Funki Porcini   /  Purrfect
Tinariwen, Dan Carey   /  Wartilla - Dan Carey Dub
Prefab Sprout   /  I Trawl the Megahertz
Laurel Halo   /  Hyphae
Alice Coltrane   /  Galaxy In Turiya
Everything But The Girl   /  Almost Blue
The Books   /  That Right Ain't Shit

2-26-20 Merging w/the Night

Pictured: Kate Bush

Weyes Blood / Movies
Fishmans / ???
Khruangbin / Como Me Quieres
Flying Lotus, Solange / Land of Honey
New Age Steppers / Fade Away
Purity Ring / stardew
Ian Chang, KAZU / Audacious
Chassol / Birds, Pt 1
Kate Bush / Deeper Understanding
Wire / Three Girl Rhumba
Ryuichi Sakamato / Dance
Destroyer / The Raven
Cate le Bon, Group Listening, Ed Dowie / Here It Comes Again
Clams Casino / Human
Tricky, Anika / Lonely Dancer
Sufjan Stevens, Lowell Brams / The Runaround
Joseph Shabason / Forest Run
Philip Glass, Feico Deutekom / Les Enfants Terribles: Interlude/Scene 11a
Max Cooper, Poppy Ackroyd / Lovesong - Poppy Ackroyd Remix
Christian Seim, Li Parka / Killed, by My Lovely
Panda Bear / Dolphin
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith / Tides IX
Colleen / November
Massive Attack / (Exchange)
Carla dal Forno / Clusters
Julianna Barwick / Heading Home


2-12-20 Merging w/the Night

Pictured: Pale Saints

Listen to this radio show for up to two weeks after it aired.

Cocteau Twins   /  Aloysius
Jay Som   /  Devotion
Blaue Blume, trentemoller   /  Lovable - Trentemoller Remix
Khruangbin, Leon Bridges   /  Midnight
EOB   /  Shangri-La
Pale Saints   /  Sight of You
Wild Nothing   /  The World is a Hungry Place
Nils Frahm   /  Four Hands
Nouvelle Vague   /  In A Manner of Speaking
Everything But The Girl   /  Before Today - Chicane Remix
The Cure   /  Plainsong - Edge of the World Mix 2018
David Bowie   /  Nuts
Polica   /  Be Again
Peter Broderick   /  WHAT IS NATURAL: Pt 5, Harmony Acceptance
Jamie Isaac, Nosaj Thing   /  I Know
Xiu Xiu   /  Falling
Sebastian Codex   /  Kizuki
Kid Loco, Crayola Lectern, Soul Sugar   /  The Boat Song (feat. Crayola Lectern) [Soul Sugar Dub]
CocoRosie   /  Aloha Friday
Moses Sumney   /  Cut Me
Gil Scott-Heron, Makaya McCraven   /  I'm New Here
Boards of Canada   /  Alpha and Omega


2-5-20 Merging w/the Night

Listen to this radio show for up to two weeks.

Bob Marley & The Wailers   /  I Shot the Sheriff - Live at The Roxy
Sam Evian, KAZU   /  Next to You (feat. Kazu Makino)
Everything But The Girl   /  Corcovado
Everything But The Girl, DJ Jazzy Jeff   /  Mirrorball - DJ Jazzy Jeff Sole Full Remix
Wild Nothing   /  Sleight of Hand
Geneva Jacuzzi   /  Love Caboose
Max Cooper   /  Repetition
Nils Frahm, Max Cooper   /  For (Max Cooper Remix) - Mix Cut
Polica   /  TATA
Max Cooper   /  Four Tone Reflections
Waldeck, Zeebee   /  Blue Is the Beginning
J. Saunders   /  Tinkle
Amon Tobin   /  Full Panther
Zed Bias, Toddla T, Mdcl   /  Koolade
Neo Maya   /  I Won't Hurt You
RY X, Olafur Arnalds   /  Oceans
Jan Hammer Group   /  Don't You Know
Alessandro Cortini   /  Iniziare
The Fall   /  Bill is Dead
Prince, Q-Tip, The Neptunes   /  The Greatest Romance Ever Sold - The Neptunes Remix Edit
Bob Marley & The Wailers   /  Zimbabwe
Massive Attack   /  Exchange